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space.gif Authentic Assessment in Action:
Studies of Schools and Students at Work

Linda Darling-Hammond, Jacqueline Ancess, and Beverly Falk
Foreword by Theodore R. Sizer
series on school reform
Pub Date: 1995, 304 pages

Paperback: $27.95, ISBN: 0807734381
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This book examines, through case studies of elementary and secondary school classrooms, how five schools have developed "authentic," performance-based assessments of students’ learning, and how this work has influenced the teaching and learning experiences students encounter in school. This important and timely book reveals the changing dynamics of classroom life as it moves from more traditional pedagogy to one which asks students to master intellectual and practical skills that are eminently "transferable" to "real-life" social settings and workplaces.

"Informative and thought provoking."

–American Journal of Education

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