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0807735868.gif Teaching With Technology:
Creating Student-Centered Classrooms

Judith Haymore Sandholtz, Cathy Ringstaff, and David C. Dwyer
Foreword by Larry Cuban
Pub Date: 1997, 240 pages

Paperback: $24.95, ISBN: 0807735868
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"[The authors] have made a fine contribution to the continuing debate over school reform and the role that technology plays in helping teachers use machines both appropriately and imaginatively. No reform-minded technophile . . . can ignore the important findings from the decade-long ACOT experience. . . . No skeptic . . . can ignore the solid evidence the authors provide of deep, lasting changes in teaching practices."
–From the Foreword by Larry Cuban

"Extensive use of teachers’ own words and the longitudinal perspective give the book a rare degree of authenticity."
–Barbara Means, SRI International, Menlo Park, CA

"This remarkable book gives a practical, absorbing, and insightful account of how real teachers transformed classroom practice with technology. I wanted to read this book!"

–Charles S. Fisher, School of Education, University of Michigan

What happens between student and teacher when computers move into the classroom? This book gives us vivid case studies and eloquent teacher voices, addressing teachers’ perennial concerns: teacher learning and teacher beliefs about instructional change; redefining student and teacher roles; maintaining student engagement; reducing teacher isolation; managing the technology-rich classroom; and support for instructional change from school principals, school districts, technology trainers, and colleagues.

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