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0807736015.gif Contested Words, Contested Science

Douglas Biklen and Donald N. Cardinal, Editors
Special Education Series
Pub Date: 1997, 192 pages

Paperback: $26.95, ISBN: 0807736015
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"This book reminds us that all science is contested science. . . . The combination here of qualitative and quantitative studies, particularly self reports of the participant researchers, provide valuable insight into this most complex phenomenon of FC and into the nature of developmental differences."

–Anne M. Donnellan,
University of Wisconsin

Facilitated Communication is a lightning rod of controversy in the world of special education. Its proponents claim that the technique of allowing persons with autism, Down syndrome, and other pervasive developmental disorders to type their thoughts on a computer keyboard allows for the release of previously unknown intelligence and communicative abilities. Its detractors claim that it is a hoax whose validity is yet to be proven. With this book, Douglas Biklen and Donald Cardinal present an impressive collection of new studies providing evidence in support of facilitated communication, including a study carried out by a person who uses facilitated communication, Eugene Marcus, a young man with autism. Other contributors include: Darlene Hanson, John Wakeham, Shaswati Saha, Chris Kliewer, Stacey Baldac, Carl Parsons, Marjorie Olney, Mayer Shevin, Michael J. Salomon Weiss, Sheldon H. Wagner, and Rosemary Crossley.

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