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0807737208.gif A Light In Dark Times:
Maxine Greene and the Unfinished Conversation

William Ayers and Janet L. Miller, Editors
Pub Date: 1997, 288 pages

Paperback: $23.95, ISBN: 0807737208
Cloth: $48, ISBN: 0807737216
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"Maxine Greene is the preeminent American philosopher of education today. Her work has had an enormous impact on generations of teachers, researchers, academics, and school reform activists. . . . This book focuses on the issues and questions raised by Maxine Greene over several decades: social imagination, the place of activism, the importance of the arts, progressive school change, the role of culture, and the meaning of freedom in the modern world. It is focused on the future, toward exploring these themes into the twenty-first century."

—From the Preface

A Light in Dark Times features a list of extraordinary contributors who have been deeply influenced by Professor Greene’s progressive philosophies. While Maxine Greene is the focus for this collection, each chapter is an encounter with her ideas by an educator concerned with his or her own works and projects. In essence, each featured author takes off from Maxine Greene and then moves forward.

This unique and fascinating collection of essays will—as Maxine Greene has—influence a wide range of worlds: arts and aesthetics, literature and literacy studies, cultural studies, school change and improvement, the teaching of literacy, teacher education, philosophy of education, peace and social justice, women’s studies, and civil rights.

Contributors: William Ayers • Jean Anyon, Louise Berman • Leon Botstein • Deborah P. Britzman • Linda Darling-Hammond • Karen Ernst • Michelle Fine • Norm Fruchter • Madeleine R. Grumet • Sandra Hollingsworth • Mary-Ellen Jacobs • Herbert Kohl • Wendy Kohli • Craig Kridel • Peter McLaren • Maureen Miletta • Janet L. Miller • Sonia Nieto • Nel Noddings • Jo Anne Pagano • Frank Pignatelli • William F. Pinar • Kathleen Reilly • Jonathan G. Silin • Sheila Slater • Candy Systra • Carlos Alberto Torres • Mark Weiss

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