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0807737860.gif Off Track:
Classroom Privilege for All

Michelle Fine, Bernadette T. Anand, Carlton P. Jordan, and Dana Sherman, Produced by Markie Hancock with music by Andrew Hill
Pub Date: 1998, 30 min.

VHS videotape: $49, ISBN: 0807737860
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A revolutionary classroom where all children learn at the highest levels! Off Track invites audiences into a multicultural classroom in which youth are reading at the most rigorous standards, entering into debate with texts and with each other, with the gentle guidance of educators who hold themselves and their students accountable to high standards for all. You will see educators joining with each other and with their students to explore a curriculum of World Literatures, successfully using a critical pedagogy of group work, collaboration, and serious individualized attention. You will be amazed at how all students–regardless of their performance in other courses–participate and enjoy learning in this stimulating atmosphere.

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