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0807739464.gif Standards in the Classroom:
How Teachers and Students Negotiate Learning

John Kordalewski
Foreword by Catherine G. Krupnick
Pub Date: May 2000, 224 pages

Paperback: $21.95, ISBN: 0807739464
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"John Kordalewski's book is a much needed reminder that high standards, like democracy or freedom, cannot be imposed. Ifthey are to matter, then standards must be wanted and sought, negotiated, lived with, reexamined and revised by the students and teachers who want a shared language for discussing quality."

Dennie Palmer Wolf, Hiatt Professor of Education, Clark University, and Senior Research Associate, Harvard Graduate School of Education

"Kordalewski has written an important book about standards. What makes the work different from the conventional discussion of standards is that John takes it out of the political, rhetorical realm and into real classrooms. Here, everything changes. Standards assume multiple meanings and undergo considerable negotiation. They become something different from what policy makers believe about standards. Classroom teachers will learn from this book. Policy makers might learn to be more cautious about the power of standards to make schools better."

–Vito Perrone
, Harvard Graduate School of Education

In this timely volume, John Kordalewski explores how standards are negotiated and created within classrooms. Appreciating the current emphasis on and popularity of standards, Kordalewski addresses how they actually play out in classrooms from the point of view of students and teachers. He artfully traces the experience of students and teachers in an urban high school who wrestle with curricula designed to expand their achievement. The result is a fascinating portrait that shows how students and teachers collaborate and create standards. By highlighting how specific educational practices, such as student exhibitions, promote learning, Kordalewski offers insights for teachers and prospective teachers, as well as for anyone interested in wider debates about educational standards.

John Kordalewski works as a writing instructor at Bunker Hill Community College in Boston, and a teacher educator in the Medford, Massachusetts, public schools. He received his doctorate from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

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