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Culture, Difference, and Power

Christine Sleeter
Multicultural Education
Pub Date: July 2001

CD-Rom: $35.95, ISBN: 080774073X
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Praise for this Book:

Finally, the definitive resource on multicultural teaching—on a CD-ROM!

Recalling the dynamic, responsive, and interactive nature of teaching, this electronic book features 16 chapters with an Instructor’s Manual illustrating how to use them in 3 different courses. It includes:
  • 45 original readings by Christine Sleeter, plus 34 additional texts that can be used on screen or printed in PDF form.
  • 80 video clips that feature 5 classrooms, 7 teachers, 1 school leadership team, 5 noted theorists, and 2 artists.
  • 8 interactive quizzes.
  • 40 guides for investigating community, school, and classroom issues.
  • 10 guides for examining oneself as a cultural being.
  • Guidance in translating the community and self-investigations into pedagogy.
  • Hundreds of pictures, animated cartoons, and diagrams.
  • Over 500 references accessible through a user-friendly search engine.

Click here for a free, printable instructor's manual.

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