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Embracing Race:
Why We Need Race-Conscious Education Policy

Michele S. Moses
Foreword by Gary Orfield
Pub Date: July 02, 216 pages

Paperback: $25.95, ISBN: 0807742376
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"Moses’ perspective produces a different and important set of ideas about rights and equality and allows her to recast the philosophical and social arguments over policies..... This is a solid contribution to the vital work of rethinking American democracy for a transforming society."
—From the Foreword by Gary Orfield

"A wonderful book. Moses reframes the multicultural debate in some very creative ways that, in my opinion, will only end up strengthening educators' and students' commitments to social justice, equality, and equity. I enthusiastically recommend it to my colleagues in foundations education."
Robert Nash, University of Vermont

With clarity, passion, and creativity, Michele Moses offers a new and promising lens for viewing the unsolved issues of race and education. In this book, Moses provides a comprehensive examination of four major race-conscious education policies: bilingual education, multicultural curricula, affirmative action, and remedial education. She argues, convincingly, that such policies are critical to fostering self-determination and personal autonomy in students who would otherwise be left with a deficient education.

Presenting a strong, theoretically grounded case for race-conscious education policies, this volume offers a new framework for examining the complex interaction between race, education, opportunities, and justice.

Some of the important questions addressed in this volume include:

  • What must the educational system do to promote social justice for students of color and poor students?
  • What is required to help these students to develop self-determination?
  • How will race-conscious education policies help to provide a fair education for all students?

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