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Taking Account of Charter Schools
What’s Happened and What’s Next?

Katrina E. Bulkley and Priscilla Wohlstetter
Foreword by Paul T. Hill
Critical Issues in Educational Leadership Series
Pub Date: November 2003, 240 pages

Paperback: $35.95, ISBN: 0807743933
Cloth: $75, ISBN: 0807743941
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"In bringing together the best evidence and argumentation about charter schools, this book founds an important tradition."
—From the Foreword by Paul T. Hill

"A provocative and wide-ranging discussion of the chartering effort to create and run new public schools. It will confound both the hopes of supporters and the fears of critics—all the while showing that chartering is here to stay!"
Bruno V. Manno, The Annie E. Casey Foundation

"Gets behind all the ideological debates and dueling academic studies to reveal what is actually happening within charter schools."
Mike Kirst, Stanford University

Featuring contributions from today’s top scholars in the field of charter school research, this comprehensive volume offers a set of new empirical studies that explore the impact these schools have on teachers, students, educational practices, and school governance. The authors grapple with the effects and challenges of charter school autonomy across a range of areas, from student achievement to special education, staffing patterns to classroom practices, and innovation to equity. Some of the topics covered include:

  • The characteristics and quality of teachers hired in charter schools.
  • The extent to which charter schools’ enhanced autonomy and accountability have led to altered educational practices.
  • The opportunities charter schools do, or do not, offer to students and communities who are most in need of improved education.
  • The growing phenomenon of for-profit Educational Management Organizations (EMOs) as service providers for charter schools.
  • How these deregulated schools address federal requirements that state laws cannot waive, including the critical issue of special education.
  • The impact of charter schools on student achievement.

Katrina E. Bulkleyis an Assistant Professor of Educational Policy at Rutgers University. Priscilla Wohlstetter is the Diane and MacDonald Becket Professor in Educational Governance at the University of Southern California’s Rossier School of Education.

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