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0807744271.gif Letters to the Next President
What We Can Do About the Real Crisis in Public Education

Carl Glickman, Editor
Prologue by Bill Cosby
Epilogue by The Late U. S. Senator Paul Wellstone

Pub Date: February 2004, 288 pages

Paperback: $14.95, ISBN: 0807744271
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This stellar collection of more than 30 letters speaks to the heart of public education, the future of American students, and the need for an educated and engaged citizenry. Contributors include students, parents, teachers, prominent educators, and public leaders who write to our next president, and to all fellow citizens, in an honest and direct way about the dangerous shortcomings of current state and federal policies. The letters provide provocative answers to critical questions such as:

• What kind of education do we want for all of our children?
• What changes must we make to achieve that goal?
• How do we ensure that the voices of parents, teachers, students, and citizens who care deeply about public education are heard at local, state, and national levels?

This timely volume provides a strong response to government intrusions that have resulted in thousands of pages of simplistic directives and under-funded requirements for local schools and districts. It offers practical and just solutions for guaranteeing higher standards with comprehensive assessments, allocating equitable resources with responsible local control; attracting and retaining good teachers; improving school choice and the promise of small schools; providing for universal high quality early childhood education, and ensuring a rich, academically sound and engaging curriculum-both inside and outside of school—for all students.

List of Contributors:
• Sylvia Bruni
• Jane Butters
• Lou Casagrande
• Linda Darling-Hammond
• Lisa Delpit
• Rosa Fernandez
• Michelle Fine with April Burns & Maria Elena Torres
• U.S. Senator John Glenn & Leslie Hergert
• John I. Goodlad
• Maxine Greene
• Karen Hale Hankins
• Asa G. Hilliard III
• Richard Ingersoll
• Jacqueline Jordan Irvine
• U.S. Senator Jim Jeffords
• Lilian Katz
• Reynold Levy
• William J. Mathis
• Deborah Meier
• Edward C. Montgomery
• Navajo Students--Derrick Attakai, Evelena Joey, Britta Michaels, Melody Riggs & Manual Thompson with Mark Sorenson
• Pedro Noguera
• Jeannie Oakes
• Arturo Pacheco
• W. James Popham
• Vance Rawles
• Ken Rolling & Sandra Halladey
• Sophie Sa
• Ted Sizer
• Thomas Sobol
• Pam Solo
• Rachel Tompkins
• George Wood

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