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0807744395.gif Building Academic Success on Social and Emotional Learning:
What Does the Research Say?

Joseph Zins, Roger Weissberg, Margaret Wang and Herbert J. Walberg, Editors
Foreword by Daniel Goleman
Social Emotional Learning
Pub Date: April 2004, 264 pages

Paperback: $32.95, ISBN: 0807744395
Cloth: $58, ISBN: 0807744409
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"Today's growing emphasis on academic success and school accountability makes SEL programs more relevant—and useful—to schools than ever before. This groundbreaking book belongs on the shelves of all who are interested in giving students essential tools to succeed."
—From the Foreword by Daniel Goleman

"An excellent, authoritative collection of the best ideas, programs, and expert advice available in the field of social and emotional learning. This book is both scholarly and practical."
Howard Gardner, Hobbs Professor of Cognition and Education, Harvard University

"Recommended reading for new and experienced educators, mental health professionals, and anyone interested in learning more about promoting the healthy development of children."
Marsha Kline Pruett, Yale University School of Medicine, Law and Psychiatry and Yale Child Study Center

In this groundbreaking book, nationally recognized leaders in education and psychology examine the relationships between social-emotional education and school success—specifically focusing on interventions that enhance student learning. Offering scientific evidence and practical examples, this volume points out the many benefits of social emotional learning programs, including:

  • Building skills linked to cognitive development
  • Encouraging student focus and motivation
  • Improving relationships between students and teachers
  • Creating school-family partnerships to help students achieve
  • Increasing student confidence and success

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