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Teaching and Learning in Two Languages:
Bilingualism and Schooling in the United States

Eugene E. Garcia
Multicultural Education
Pub Date: Mar 05, 216 pages

Paperback: $33.95, ISBN: 0807745367
Cloth: $64, ISBN: 0807745375
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This is the most comprehensive, up-to-date volume on the state of bilingual education in the United States and, in particular, on effective curriculum and instructional approaches. Eugene García, renowned authority, depicts the vast scope and complexity of the problem of educating English language learners. He sets forth a conceptual framework to guide educational policy and practice that reflects democratic ideals and values.

This authoritative reference:

  • Provides a comprehensive review of theory, research, practice, and policy that accurately characterizes the education of bilingual students in U.S. schools.
  • Presents an analysis of teachers, classrooms, schools, and communities that have successfully educated bilingual children by employing diverse instructional strategies.
  • Addresses language, social, and cognitive issues as they intersect with various instructional practices.
  • Identifies the characteristics of effective bilingual education programs, presenting examples of school programs that exemplify these characteristics.

Eugene E. García is Professor of Education and Dean of the College of Education and Vice-President for University School Partnerships at Arizona State. He is the author of Meeting the Challenge of Linguistic and Cultural Diversity in Early Childhood Education.

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