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Un-Standardizing Curriculum
Multicultural Teaching in the Standards-Based Classroom

Christine Sleeter
Multicultural Education
Pub Date: Nov 2005, 224 pages

Paperback: $28.95, ISBN: 0807746215
Cloth: $60, ISBN: 0807746223
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How can teachers learn to teach rich, academically rigorous multicultural curricula under current standardization constraints? In her new book, Christine Sleeter offers a much-needed framework to help teachers take on this challenge. By contrasting key curricular assumptions with those of multicultural education, she reveals the aspects they share as well as the conceptual and political differences between them. Sleeter makes a strong case for what teachers can do to “un-standardize” knowledge in their own classrooms, while working toward high standards of academic achievement.


  • Detailed portraits of activist teachers committed to multicultural education, including the constraints and challenges they face.
  • Guidance for teachers who want to develop their classroom practice, illustrating the possibilities and spaces teachers have within a standardized curriculum.
  • A field-tested conceptual framework that elaborates on the following elements of curriculum design: ideology, enduring ideas, democratized assessment, transformative intellectual knowledge, students and their communities, intellectual challenge, and curriculum resources.

Christine E. Sleeter is Professor Emerita in the College of Professional Studies at California State University, Monterey Bay. She is the author of Culture, Difference, and Power.

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