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Full of Ourselves:
A Wellness Program to Advance Girl Power, Health, and Leadership

Catherine Steiner-Adair and Lisa Sjostrom
Pub Date: January 2006, 160 pages

Paperback: $48.95, ISBN: 0807746312
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“Full of Ourselves is an essential tool for anyone who works with girls and young women. It's thoughtful, nuanced, and creative. Anyone who has worked with girls will recognize the subtle ways in which this program goes beyond the usual programs available to girls.”
Rosalind Wiseman, Co-Founder of The Empower Program and author of Queen Bees & Wannabes

“This work would be a valuable addition to the repertoire of any school system, church-based program, or community organization seeking to strengthen girls to become independent, healthy adolescents.”
Contemporary Psychology, APA Review of Books

“There's no magic to growing strong, healthy girls. Each girl must do much of the heavy lifting and the hard work of looking inward, believing in the power of her own voice, and learning to live comfortably in her body. Too often the rip tide of peer pressure, the influence of the media, the erosion of self-esteem propel girls toward eating disorders, 'weightism' and crises in self-confidence. Full of Ourselves tosses a life jacket to girls, their parents, and educators. It provides step-by-step lessons that succeed in empowering and engaging girls to take control. At the end of the program girls are the winners. Full of Ourselves is indeed a life saver!”
Meg Milne Moulton and Whitney Ransome, Executive Directors, National Coalition of Girls' Schools, Concord, MA

“Finally, an effective and fun program to empower girls! Full of Ourselves—the brilliantly conceived curriculum girls have needed and adults have wanted for years— impacts girls' bodies, minds, and spirits in a positive and preventative manner. Full of Ourselves should be a rite of passage for all middle school girls!”
Mary Orear, Executive Director, Mainely Girls, Camden, Maine

“Full of Ourselves is a wonderful comprehensive guide that supports middle school girls in their development and helps prevent eating disorders. Through this interactive program, girls learn they are not alone and also become personally empowered. A must for those who work with adolescent girls.”
Nancy Beardall, EdM, ADTR, CMA, Wellness and Prevention Counselor, Newton Public Schools, Newton, MA

This dynamic health-and-wellness education program was developed at the Harvard Medical School by a leading clinician and an acclaimed curriculum designer. It addresses critical issues of body preoccupation and reduces risk for disordered eating in girls (grades 3–8). Emphasizing girls’ personal power and overall mental and physical well-being, Full of Ourselves contains a range of upbeat units that foster:

  • Increased self and body acceptance
  • Healthier eating and exercise habits
  • Advanced leadership and media literacy skills
  • A range of coping skills for resisting unhealthy peer and cultural pressures

Each unit ends with a “Call to Action” to help girls translate their new-found knowledge into positive action at school, home, and in their community. Older girls are trained as peer leaders and given the opportunity to pass along their learning to younger peers.

Evaluated with more than 800 girls, this primary prevention curriculum is the first of its kind to show sustained, positive changes in girls’ body image, body satisfaction, and body esteem. Educators, health professionals, counselors, and parents will find Full of Ourselves the ideal resource for helping girls make healthy choices for themselves.

Catherine Steiner-Adair is a clinical psychologist and school consultant, Director of Eating Disorders Education and Prevention at McLean Hospital, and in the Department of Psychiatry at the Harvard Medical School. Lisa Sjostrom, a veteran teacher and program designer, is a Research Associate at McLean Hospital and the Harvard Medical School and the Director of Helping Kids Thrive, an educational consulting firm.

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