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A Practical Guide to the Qualitative Dissertation

Sari Knopp Biklen and Ronnie Casella
Pub Date: April 2007, 160 pages

Paperback: $24.95, ISBN: 0807747602
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“I wish I had this book when I was a doctoral student. My dissertation would have been better and it would have been a lot easier to write. This book lives up to its title. I recommend it to doctoral students in a broad range of disciplines.”
Robert Bogdan, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Syracuse University

“This candid, engaging guide includes an inspired set of strategies that demystifies the dissertation process and provides encouragement. Experienced and novice researchers alike will benefit from the wisdom offered by Biklen and Casella.”
Wendy Luttrell, Harvard Graduate School of Education

“Any student writing a qualitative dissertation anywhere will benefit from reading this book.”
Gita DasBender, Seton Hall University, New Jersey

“Biklen and Casella provide a clear roadmap toward the completion of a qualitative study. This book is a wonderful tool for doctoral students!”
Adria Hoffman, Ph.D. Student in Curriculum and Instruction, University of Maryland at College Park

How do you write a good qualitative dissertation? This book offers advice about and examples of the primary tasks and hidden complications in writing a qualitative dissertation. The long process of bringing a dissertation to completion involves making many choices—substantive, organizational, and interpersonal. This guidebook takes you through the process—from the first formulation of the topic and selection of a committee to development of an argument and, finally, preparation for the defense.

This user-friendly resource contains:

  • First-hand insights and approaches to help students survive the dissertation process.
  • Help for understanding what makes a good research question.
  • Observations on the importance of critical feedback from advisors.
  • Anecdotes illustrating common problems students face.
  • A guide to negotiating the IRB (Institutional Review Board).
  • Advice on preparing for and getting through the defense.
  • And much, much more!

Sari Knopp Biklen is the Laura and Douglas Meredith Professor and professor of cultural foundations of education at Syracuse University. Ronnie Casella is an associate professor of education at Central Connecticut State University.

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