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The Power of Protocols:
An Educator's Guide to Better Practice, Second Edition

Joseph P. McDonald, Nancy Mohr, Alan Dichter, and Elizabeth C. McDonald
Series on School Reform
Pub Date: April 2007, 144 pages

Paperback: $22.95, ISBN: 0807747696
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“Thought provoking, yet eminently practical, The Power of Protocols offers both the wisdom and the tools for transforming the culture of schools and enriching professional interactions."
Jay McTighe, Educational Consultant, author of Understanding by Design

Since the publication of the first edition, the use of protocols has spread from conferences and workshops to everyday school and university settings. Responding to educators’ ongoing needs, this new edition features seven totally new protocols. This teaching and professional development tool is essential for anyone working with collaborative groups of teachers on everything from school improvement to curriculum development to teacher education at all levels. Featuring a diverse selection of protocols, this book includes:

  • Step-by-step descriptions of how educators can use protocols to study together, work on problems of practice, teach well, and explore students’ work.
  • Explanations of the particular purpose for each protocol, discussions of the value that educators have found in using them, and helpful tips for facilitators.
  • A free supplement on the Teachers College Press website with “Abbreviated Protocols” that can be downloaded and customized to suit each facilitator’s needs.

Joseph P. McDonald is Professor of Teaching and Learning at New York University’s Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development. The late Nancy Mohr was Director of the New York Center of the National School Reform Faculty. Alan Dichter is on the staff of the New York City Leadership Academy and is a former New York City Deputy Superintendent for School Reform and Leadership Development. Elizabeth C. McDonald is a Master Teacher in the Department of Teaching and Learning at New York University’s Steinhardt School and a former elementary school principal.

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