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Frogs into Princes
Writings on School Reform

Larry Cuban
Multicultural Education
Pub Date: March 2008, 216 pages

Paperback: $29.95, ISBN: 0807748595
Cloth: $70, ISBN: 0807748609
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“A fascinating review of Larry Cuban's 45-year-long quest for urban school reform, which leaves him wiser and still hopeful.”
Jack Jennings, President, Center on Education Policy, Washington, D.C.

“If heeded, Cuban’s clarion call for school reform that is rooted in history, wisdom of practice, empirical data, and common sense will help our nation move closer to the ideals of justice and equality that it loudly proclaims around the world.”
James A. Banks, University of Washington, Seattle

Here is the essential collection of Larry Cuban’s writings on urban school reform spanning his 45-year career. These carefully selected studies and articles examine instructional, curricular, organizational, and governance reform in mostly poor and minority districts and schools. The volume includes an Introduction and Epilogue that frames the book, giving readers a sense of Cuban’s career as teacher, administrator, and researcher and how those experiences were intimately tied to the writings presented here. Cuban’s deep compassion for students and educators and his commitment to educational equality for all children is evident in every page of this stunning collection.

Book Features:

  • Brings together in one volume the insights gained from nearly 5 decades of thinking about and working in schools.
  • Describes how the current standards and accountability movement, propelled by the No Child Left Behind Act, has been detrimental to schools and learning.
  • Argues convincingly that the problems of inner-city schools can only be solved by eliminating poverty and racism within the larger society.
  • Offers empirically based and practical knowledge about ways to maximize the possibilities for successful school reform.

Contents: Part I: Teacher as Reformer: An Insider’s Perspective • 1962—Teaching at Glenville • 1969—Teacher and Community • Part II: Moving from an Insider to an Outsider Perspective • 1984—Transforming the Frog into a Prince: Effective Schools Research, Policy, and Practice at the District Level • 1989—The “At-Risk” Label • 1990—Reforming Again, Again, and Again • 2001—Leadership for Student Learning: Urban School Leadership—Different in Kind and Degree • Part III: Merged Perspectives in Reforming Classroom Practice • 1993—Introduction to How Teachers Taught • 2006—Reflections on Two Decades of Computers in Classrooms • 2007—Hugging the Middle: Teaching in an Era of Testing and Accountability • Reflections

Larry Cuban is Professor Emeritus of Education at Stanford University. His books include Why Is It So hard to Get Good Schools?and How Can I Fix It? Finding Solutions and Managing Dilemmas.

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