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Teen Girls and Technology
What's the Problem, What's the Solution?

Lesley Farmer
Pub Date: June 2008, 192 pages

Paperback: $22.95, ISBN: 0807748757
Cloth: $52, ISBN: 0807748765
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“Ideal for anyone who wants to prepare young women for a bright future. Highly recommended.”
The Midwest Book Review

“Educators and youth workers can get up to speed with this book's wealth of project ideas for schools, communities and families, emphasizing girls as creators of technology tools for self-fulfillment and social change.”
Youth Today

“Farmer’s comprehensive research shows that teachers, librarians, and parents need to make special efforts and use specific strategies if girls are to have equal computer and online access—and the opportunities it affords. This is an important book for everyone who cares about gender equity issues.”
Doug Johnson, Director of Media and Technology, Mankato Area Public Schools

“Lesley Farmer neatly encapsulates hard data and descriptive advice that can be accessed quickly and helpfully by teachers, librarians, community workers, parents, and even teenage girls themselves.”
Francisca Goldsmith, Director, Branch Services, Halifax Public Libraries

“It is critical that we offer young women the creative challenges they need to exploit emerging technologies, and that we help them understand their rich choices for participation in a technology-driven future. Farmer's book is practical, grounded, and just in time.”
Joyce Kasman Valenza, Librarian, Springfield Township High School Library

How do we engage girls with technology and why is this important? Lesley Farmer examines how girls currently view and use technology, noting how uninformed they are as to technology’s impact upon their futures. This dynamic book provides a framework that teachers, parents, and youth workers can use in motivating girls to both use and think about technology. Farmer shows us how to inspire teen girls with confidence and, in so doing, increase their interest in technology-based careers. Drawing upon the work of psychologists, sociologists, technologists, educators, and governmental agencies, the book highlights school- and community-based interventions that have successfully encouraged technology use among teenage girls. The text also features developmentally appropriate learning activities based specifically on girls’ interests.

Book Features:

  • Highlights the need for effective interventions that will empower girls and reframe their use of technology.
  • Details the roles that caring adults can play in providing resources and positive experiences that engage girls in deeper technology skills and applications.
  • Provides fun learning activities that address girls’ interest in entertainment, school, fashion, animals, healthcare, law, sports, fitness, business, art, design, and writing.

Lesley Farmer is a professor at California State University, Long Beach, where she coordinates the Librarianship Program.

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