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NCLB at the Crossroads
Reexamining the Federal Effort to Close the Achievement Gap

Michael A. Rebell and Jessica R. Wolff, Editors
Pub Date: April 2009, 312 pages

Cloth: $36, ISBN: 0807749443
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NCLB at the Crossroads challenges all of us to think differently, and to do so with a sense of urgency, because our children cannot wait.”
Arne Duncan, U.S. Secretary of Education-designate

“NCLB’s history is an incoherent blend of good ideas, fantasy thinking, funding promises betrayed, and deep frustration for many thousands of hard-working educators. This book is a valiant effort by a number of leading scholars to sort out the lessons of this experiment and to outline paths toward a policy that might work. Read it!”
Gary Orfield, codirector of the Civil Rights Project at UCLA

“This book is an absolute stand-out, simply the finest volume to date on the No Child Left Behind Act. Editors Rebell and Wolff have brought together top-notch scholars who tackle key aspects of the law and its ramifications in highly readable chapters.”
Susan B. Neuman served as Assistant Secretary for Elementary and Secondary Education

This important new work from Rebell and Wolff, authors of the groundbreaking volume Moving Every Child Ahead: From NCLB Hype to Meaningful Educational Opportunity, brings together the nation’s leading researchers and thinkers in the field of educational equity to provide a range of provocative critiques that go well beyond what has already been said on the subject of No Child Left Behind (NCLB). Unlike most books, this one puts aside political rhetoric and quick-fix solutions to tackle the truly difficult questions about how to ensure meaningful educational opportunities for all children.

Accessible to a broad audience of educators, policymakers, and advocates, this authoritative volume:

  • Assesses NCLB’s contribution to closing our national achievement gap in the 7 years since its enactment.
  • Provides concrete suggestions for important revisions and additions to NCLB.
  • Features vital contributions to the discussion on educational equity, considering both within-school and out-of-school factors.
  • Examines current debates surrounding NCLB’s reauthorization, as well as the future direction of U.S. education research, policy, and practice.

Contributors: Amy Stuart Wells, Michael T. Nettles, Catherine M. Millett, Hyeyoung Oh, Eugene E. Garcia, Margaret J. McLaughlin, Meredith Miceli, Amanda Hoffman, Richard Rothstein, Rebecca Jacobsen, Tamara Wilder, Robert Linn, Robert Schwartz, Susanna Loeb, Luke Miller, Richard Elmore

Michael Rebell is executive director and Jessica Wolff is policy director for the Campaign for Educational Equity at Teachers College, Columbia University.

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