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Literacy Achievement and Diversity
Keys to Success for Students, Teachers, and Schools

Kathryn Au
Foreword by Patricia A. Edwards
Multicultural Education Series
Pub Date: March 2011, 192 pages

Paperback: $29.95, ISBN: 0807752061
Cloth: $62.00, ISBN: 080775207X
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“Kathryn Au continues to lead teacher educators and researchers in addressing culturally relevant pedagogies. . . . After completing this ‘must-read’ book, you will gain new understandings about yourself, about others, and about culturally relevant pedagogies. You will see that it is indeed possible to close the literacy achievement gap.”
—From the Foreword by Patricia A. Edwards, President of the International Reading Association, 2010–2011, and coauthor of Change Is Gonna Come: Transforming Literacy Education for African American Students

“In this important book, Kathryn Au shares a lifetime of invaluable contributions and insights on the successful education of all students, with a special focus on students of diverse backgrounds.  By pulling together work that spans her career, Au makes a compelling case that by engaging students in high level thinking and building on their cultural and linguistic backgrounds, and by developing school-wide professional learning communities, educators CAN close the achievement gap and bring all students to high levels of literacy.”
Barbara M. Taylor, Guy Bond Professor of Reading Education, University of Minnesota

Literacy Achievement and Diversity is the indispensable collection to the wisdom of respected literacy researcher Kathy Au. In this timely book, Au addresses the question of what educators can do to close the literacy achievement gap. She begins by outlining theory and research and then provides practical strategies to help teachers improve the literacy learning of students of diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. The overall message of this book is that the literacy achievement gap can be closed by adhering to four, proven-effective keys to success: (1) recognizing that the solution must be multi-faceted, (2) providing students with ample instruction in higher level thinking with text, (3) building on the strengths that students bring from the home, and (4) pulling schools together as places where teachers can collaborate to reach a shared vision of excellence in literacy achievement.

Book Features:

  • Provides a social constructivist perspective on closing the literacy achievement gap.
  • Offers a detailed treatment of culturally responsive instruction and its role in improving literacy achievement.
  • Addresses complex topics—such as phonics, nonmainstream varieties of English, and ownership of literacy—in a clear and understandable manner.
  • Includes a reflection activity for students at the end of each chapter.

Kathryn H. Au is chief executive officer of SchoolRise, LLC in Honolulu Hawaii and past-president of the International Reading Association.

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