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Leading for Inclusion
How Schools Can Build on the Strengths of All Learners

Phyllis Jones, Janice R. Fauske, and Judy F. Carr, Editors
Pub Date: October 2011, 256 pages

Paperback: $34.95, ISBN: 0807752584
Cloth: $70.00, ISBN: 0807752592
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“With a concrete focus on leadership and leadership issues, the editors have created a book that expands the notion of inclusion well beyond special education, offering a framework or lens for creating schools that operate from a position that views all students in a strength-based manner.”
George Theoharis, Syracuse University

This important book expands the notion of inclusion well beyond special education to include English language learners, students with refugee status, LGBTQ children, poor children, and other underrepresented populations. Employing real-world vignettes and up-to-date research findings, this hands-on resource provides strategies that school leaders can employ to improve teaching and learning in their school or classroom. Contributors offer a wide variety of perspectives from the fields of testing and assessment, early education, elementary education, special education, educational leadership, and reading.

Book Features:

  • A multidimensional framework for how school systems can adopt effective inclusive leadership practices.
  • Lessons learned from discrete subgroups of students who are often marginalized by the focus on standards-based accountability.
  • An exploration of the role of data with implications for systemic decision-making.
  • Research-based practices and assessment tools for the classroom.
  • Engaging vignettes from diverse classrooms and schools.

Contributors: Rebecca Burns • Thomas Crisp • Jennifer Menon Mariano • Jody Lynn McBrien • Tary L. Wallace • Julia M. White • G. Pat Wilson

Phyllis Jones is an associate professor in the department of Special Education at the University of South Florida. Janice R. Fauske is a professor in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at the University of South Florida, Sarasota. Judy F. Carr is co-director of the Center for Curriculum Renewal, Sarasota, Florida and a consultant to schools, districts, state agencies, and other educational organizations with a focus on leadership development and coaching.

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