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50 Myths and Lies That Threaten America's Public Schools
The Real Crisis in Education

David C. Berliner, Gene V Glass, and Associates
Pub Date: March 2014, 272 pages

Paperback: $29.95, ISBN: 0807755249
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Honorable Mention, 2015 Prose Award in Education Practice • 2014 Foreword Reviews' INDIEFAB Book of the Year Bronze Award in Education

“Berliner and Glass are long-time critics of wrong-headed education reforms. 50 Myths and Lies continues their record of evidence-based truth-telling. Joined by 19 young scholars in identifying 50 of the worst ideas for changing our nation's schools, they are able to sort through the cacophony of today’s all too often ill-informed debate. Anyone involved in making decisions about today’s schools should read this book.”
Linda Darling-Hammond, Charles E. Ducommun Professor of Education, Stanford University

“This book is true grit. It’s the gritty reality of hard data. It’s the irritating grit that makes you shift in your seat. And it’s the grit that sometimes makes you want to weep. Well argued, well written—whether you agree or disagree with this book, if you care about the future of public education, you mustn’t ignore it.”
Andy Hargreaves, professor, Thomas More Brennan Chair in Education, Lynch School of Education, Boston College

50 Myths and Lies is a powerful defense of public education and a discerning refutation of the reckless misimpressions propagated by a juggernaut of private-sector forces and right-wing intellectuals who would gladly rip apart the legacy of democratic schooling in America. It is a timely and hard-hitting book of scholarly but passionate polemic. The teachers of our children will be grateful.”
Jonathan Kozol, educator, author of Fire in the Ashes

“What do you get when two world-class scholars and a team of talented analysts take a hard look at 50 widely held yet unsound beliefs about U.S. public schools? Well, in this instance you get a flat-out masterpiece that, by persuasively blending argument and evidence, blasts those beliefs into oblivion. Required reading? You bet!”
W. James Popham, professor emeritus, UCLA

Two of the most respected voices in education and a team of young education scholars identify 50 myths and lies that threaten America's public schools. With hard-hitting information and a touch of comic relief, Berliner, Glass, and their Associates separate fact from fiction in this comprehensive look at modern education reform. They explain how the mythical failure of public education has been created and perpetuated in large part by political and economic interests that stand to gain from its destruction. They also expose a rapidly expanding variety of organizations and media that intentionally misrepresent facts. Many of these organizations also suggest that their goal is unbiased service in the public interest when, in fact, they represent narrow political and financial interests. Where appropriate, the authors name the promoters of these deceptions and point out how they are served by encouraging false beliefs.

This provocative book features short essays on important topics to provide every elected representative, school administrator, school board member, teacher, parent, and concerned citizen with much food for thought, as well as reliable knowledge from authoritative sources.

Book Sections:
I. Myths, Hoaxes, and Outright Lies
II. Myths and Lies About Who’s Best: Charters, Privates, Maybe Finland?
III. Myths and Lies About Teachers and the Teaching Profession: Teachers Are “Everything,” That’s Why We Blame Them and Their Unions
IV. Myths and Lies About How to Make Our Nation’s Schools Better
V. Myths and Lies About How Our Nation’s Schools Are Paid For: All Schools Are Equal, but Some Are More Equal Than Others
VI. Myths and Lies About Making All Students Career and College Ready

David C. Berliner is an educational psychologist and bestselling author. He was professor and dean of the Mary Lou Fulton Institute and Graduate School of Education at Arizona State University. Gene V Glass is a senior researcher at the National Education Policy Center and a research professor in the School of Education at the University of Colorado Boulder. Their Associates are the hand-picked leading PhDs and PhDs in training from their respective institutions.

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